PSM - 8 Cup & Tray Automatic Filling & Sealing Mac

Cup dispense-filling-sealing machine be demanded on high speed and availability. High accuracy assembly construction requires to satisfy customer's product can be achieved perfect sealing and CIP system available to achieved hygienic required. Research and innovation more harmony human operation environment from construction design until assembly works all requires consistence and useful to reduce customer's machine breakdown cost.

Application : 

Jelly, pudding, cream, cup water, cup noodles, snack, soup, ice cream, rice cake, cosmetic, juice, and other daily foods. 

Features : 
● Solidly and facility construction design for easy to cleaning & operate.

● Use TFT human interface, all operation manual building on, the operator can easy to handle this machine with that.

● Multi-row models automatically dispense cup, filling, sealing and cutting.